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Long story short, coffee flooded my computer's insides, motherboard, gpu and CPU all died. My Ritmo 400w piece of *** power supply and 2GB Corsair DDR2 RAM were unharmed.

Motherboard was an Asrock Core 4 Sata2, GPU was a 7300GT and CPU was an e7200.

What's my best chance at getting my PC up and running again with as little cash spent as possible?

In about 5 minutes, I threw together a quick list of parts according to what I thought was most feasible.


Came to $357, which is about right given the approximate cost of my old parts at their time of former glory, yes?


The only reason why listed that RAM is because I can't seem to find a Motherboard that supports DDR2 that is still in production, not to mention the combatility issues I'd run into trying to get a more modern GPU/CPU running on a motherboard that also supports DDR2. If anyone knows of a more suitable list of parts for a cheaper price, let me know;

Sites/stores close to me are:
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  1. For gaming? What games? What's the monitor's resolution? $400 is OK?
  2. WoW, 1920x1080, $400 is okay if that's the lowest possible, but lower would obviously be a bonus.

    I don't really care about maximizing performance, I just want the cheapest option to get my PC up and running again, without winging it by buying *** hardware.

    Obviously running at 1920x1080 would mean a GTX 460 or thereabouts is recommended, but optimal performance isn't necessary, I just want the PC running how it was previously, having spent as little as possible — the reason why I've listed the hardware that I've listed is because I don't want to have to resort to things like eBay and/or trade & exchange newspapers for second hand hardware, I'd much prefer to find brand new hardware for as cheap as possible to get things running smoothly again (which is around about what I have listed due to how outdated my previous hardware is/was).
  3. Which CPU? ><
  4. Which CPU/RAM?

    That's $227 without CPU/RAM, sooooo. :O

    (couldn't edit).
  5. Hes listed am3 Mobo's so for WoW, any of the triplecores should more than blow you away, 435,440,450, and they're all reasonably priced,
    and ddr3 is dirtcheap at the moment too
    (try quick edit option, it usually works if edit option says not allowed)
    **Edit, I'd also up the graphics card to 5770 lvl :P
    **More editage, cant find any triplecores on aussie sites :S
    any of the am3 quads should do you, its which is more your budget, but the 840 is a slightly cheaper option than the 955 I'd recommend
  6. Are you saying you'd recommend the 840 > 955?

    This RAM okay?
  7. Rams fine yes,
    If you have the budget for the 955, get that, I only offered the 840 as a cheaper option in case your wallet was feeling the strain, theres not much difference between the two stock but the 955 is very overclocker friendly if your comfortable with squeezing the power from it :)
  8. Outta curiosity, is there anything wrong with the build I listed in my initial post, assuming I replace the GT 430 with the HD 5670? Worked out cheaper, is all.
  9. I didnt actually see the 955 listed in your Original post, I should've checked more thoroughly hehe
    I dont see anything much 'wrong' with your build, personally I'd swap the Mobo to
    but mainly as I have a thing about Nvidia chipsets on Amd boards
    I know Aus is hard on the hardware side of things though, I have a mate moving out there soon and he thinks its the worst thing about the country hehe (he is Ubergeek though)
    and again, 5770 is the card to go for in a budget build, they're just awesome for the money (in uk 5830's are cheaper atm, but I still wont get one,love my 5770 too much)
  10. I listed only the parts I would change. Anyway I don't play WOW but a HD 5770 would be nice maybe with an Athlon II X4. Also a more recent mobo with 4 RAM slots.
  11. Best answer
    Nice build, I would take the second psu, 34A on the 12v rail is more than the corsairs and yes to the gfx upgrade :)
    if your ready to order I say go for it mate
  12. Yeah, about to — one last question, with this MOBO,; is it possible to use the onboard graphics for a dedicated PhysX? If not, it's no biggie.

    Also, am I buying or

    I won't be needing more than 4GB RAM anytime soon, as WoW is really all I do 'gamewise'.
  13. You wont be able to use the onboard graphics for any crossfire no, and physx requires an Nvidia chipset but I believe you couldn't use the onboard anyway in that situation, it would have to be two cards and one is set as the physx device
    so I'd take the, the 5770 will handle your frames well so no need for onboard (unless you want it in case your card blows up)
    and 4Gb of ram is fine too,
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  15. Thank you for best answer man,
    If budget allows get the 1600Mhz set, if not the 1333 is fine, theres a small performance difference between the two in real applications
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