Ati HD 5850 vs ati HD 6870

hi guys

i am building a gaming rig cpu i am using is core i7 2600k with dominator 4gb ram i am confused about choosing graphics card. i have two options either go with ati HD 5850 or HD 6870, thing which confuses me is that both are 256 bit and
have 1 GB memory , memory speed 4500 mhz and 4600 mhz and core clock 765 mhz and 940 mhz respectively.

The only noticeable difference in core clock speed. Now i want to know is this enough to go for HD 6870?
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    Why are you only looking at the clock speeds? There are many ways to measure a GPU, and clock speeds of the various parts is only one. Unfortunately there isn't a good way to explain to you why the 6870 is better. Rest assured however that it is faster then the 5850.

    Read a review of the 6870 if you want to see how much faster it is. Here is one.
  2. I would go with the 6870 newer tech and cost around the same the core clock and memory clocks are a little higher it probably set's the overclocking thresh hold a little higher both will handle just about anything out right now.
  3. I realize that I didn't say which I would get, so let me say I'd get the 6870. I'd get the 5850 if I could find one on discount.

    One thing that I'm wondering about, the article I linked said the 6870 used long word 5 and not long word 4. I thought the 6 series switched over and used LW4 instead of LW5? Does only the 69xx cards use LW4?
  4. thanks guys. going for 6870.
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