Best way to get 16gb on a dual channel mobo

Is there a difference between 1 set of 2x8gb in dual channel or 1 set of 4x4gb ram in quad channel? I know every 4x4 says quad channel but I am getting mixed info about it working on a Z77 dual channel mobo. 10 people say yeah no problem and 10 say no, I would lose half my memory capabilities. Im going nuts over this!Lol. It seems like a pretty simple question, but seriously! :fou: I cannot get a consistent answer. Thanks for any and all feedback.
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    It's been my experience that the less "points of Failure" that exist the better..also by NOT loading down the IMC with all four slots populated is ALSO a good thing besides leaving room for expansion or upgrades later on.

    That's the criteria I use when deciding what is best for my build...the system should have NO issues running the 2x8 configuration...if you decide to go with 4x4...both sets of sticks WILL run in dual channel mode...but you have now doubled the IMC's number of tasks...

    Either way...I don't believe you will notice any difference...not loading down the IMC is a better option besides leaving room for upgrading at a later date!!

    Good Luck
  2. Thank you for your advice. Forgive me though, I don't know what IMC means. Lol. I am very knew to this and am on my 1st build for myself. I am learning though and would like to learn even more. So if you can tell me what that means, I think I will get a lot more out of your answer. I totally get leaving the other 2 slots open for future upgrading, and I did figure as such already, but I also figured by the time I would need that much more memory, the extra cost would be of minimal consequence. Right now though, I could use the savings of buying a set of 4 sticks. I definitely would like this build to be the best it can be though. So when I can get a full understanding of your answer I will be able to make a better judgement. Sorry for my ignorance, and thanks again.
  3. IMC - integrated memory controller. Used to be on the mobo known as a north bridge.

    Now on the latest Intel CPU's it is in the CPU.
  4. Also, if u have only 2 sticks vs 4,

    the chances are smaller that one will die on you by 50% : )
  5. Ah,ok. Thanks a lot. I did guess that that was it. But it definitely would have been just a guess. Thanks so much. I am going to go with the 2x8gb.
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