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Hey guys i did a computer build for a buddy and im having some troubles with it. He ran it for a few weeks and brought it back saying he was having issues getting it to boot. I figured out that it was his SSD so we got it replaced and it is now booting fine but now im having troubles with it being really slow. It takes a while sometimes for applications to launch and windows load times are slower than my computer with not as quality parts. it even locks up for a few seconds while loading programs. Im also still getting an occasional boot failure but very rarely and a quick reboot fixes it. It also runs a little hot during a prime 95 test but 45 to 50c at idle. no errors or warrnings. i am going to get some new thermal paste and re seat the cpu fan. I used a haf-x case, G1.assassin mobo, i7 960, 12 GB crosshair vengeance ddr3 1600, hx1000 psu, GTX 580 x2 sli, ocz vertex 3 120GB ssd, 1 TB caviar black x2. any suggestions would be helpful thanks

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  1. Hey there, what sort of temperatures does it reach when you stress test?
    also you did not mention if you are OCing at all? you could pull this back if you have been

    yeah do make sure the sink is fully connected! i had a similar problem before, all that had happened was one of the corner locks was undone. :)

    hope i can help :)
  2. Could be also faulty sata port, did you tried some others ?
  3. If it were my system, I'd get it stable w/ no overclocks, 1 stick of ram, and 1 gpu, and then interchange em to verify they're all stable individually, and then go back to installing everything.

    *This system is certainly worthy of a nice UPS to protect it. If everything checks out in testing, the UPS is also a filter for irregular or unreliable electricity to the system.
  4. I have no overclocks on anything its all stock speeds and voltage. I was reaching temps of 95c on the cores and 85 on the cpu (using cpuid for temps) in just 3 min. I will check the the locks again on the fan for now until i can get some thermal paste. The mother board manual says not to use less the 3 sticks of ram when using tripple channel memory but maybe i read it wrong ill check it again. Thank you for all the replies and i will also look into the upss
  5. On the X58 chipset based board which is what you are using with the Intel® Core™ i7-960, you are going to want to put the memory on the board in groups of 3 to get the best performance. Place the memory on the board in a configuration like this.
    Slot0 |Slot 1 |Slot 2| Slot 3| Slot4 | Slot5
    X X X
    But with the temps that you are reporting I would say that that has something to do with your problem. The HSF (heatsink/fan) is not seated well or the thermal paste wasn’t cleaned off and fresh reapplied when you made the change. On the Intel Core i7-960 your temps shouldnt be reaching over 67.9 c.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  6. I have the memory in the 1 3 and 5 slots as the manual recomends. When we bought all the parts for the build i had the store put together the cpu and memory for a post test. When i got it home for the build that was all assembled. Im guessing they didnt put the fan on correctly or put it on than reseated it or something. Either way ill re-do it. It doesnt get over 60 with normal use (playing games). It idles around 38-43. Could the heat issues under p95 be the cause of the performance loss?
    Thank you for all the help
  7. Oh and i did try different sata ports on the motherboard and still had the same issue
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