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hello all,

i built my first pc about 3 years now and its time for an upgrade

my specs were something like this :
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66GHz
8GB Kingston 800mhz RAM
CF 2 Raedon HD 4800's

It ran like a beast for a while but now deffinatly feels a bit outdated especially as i spent about 1600 pound at the time and my friend just blew mine out of the water with a 400 quid upgrade on his, its time to move on :D

My question to you, people of computer wisdom is a simple one, i appologise if it has been asked before but i could not really find an answer perspefically for my need.

SandyBridge 1155 vs 1366

more specifically Intel Core i7 960 3.2 GHz Socket 1366 vs Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz Socket 1155

Now on paper 2600k wins for sure but what im really asking is do i need to be upgrading to sandybridge or will 1366 hold out for a good amount of time still?

I was looking at x58 motherboards quite a lot for my build and had my eye on

ASUS sabertooth x58
ASUS Rampage III extreme
MSI Big Bang xpower
and a few others,

there is a BIG selection of good x58 motherboards. But ofcourse everyone is now jumping on the z68 train and dont know whether i should. there are very few Mobos for z68 and none that really stand out to me.

Ofcourse Ivybridge is also on its way, will x58 hold me in good stead for these next few years. I am looking to spend a significant amount of money and want it to beast it out as long as it is able :lol:

any opinions on the matter are greatly appreciated, and thank you for reading. :) cheeeers
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  1. I think that if you already have X58 then there won't be any need to upgrade for a good while. But if you are buying now, unless you need more than two graphics cards P67/Z68 is the way to go, because you get better performance, easier multiplier based overclocking, lower temperatures and power consumption.
  2. okay that deffinatly makes sense.

    yeah it will be a new motherboard buy soo i may aswell start with z68 gives me more expansion possibilities.

    so thank you, now which z68 mobo would you recommend at the present anything over £200, or should i wait till a few more come out the maximus IV extreme Z for example ;D
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