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Because of this *** **** site my post gets deleted because of an error message!!!!! (Sorry this forum is not available BLABLA) and that is pissing me off right now.. Sorry..

But i have a problem with speedfan.. Speedfan only let me control 1(side fan and i want to control the other one too) out of my 3 fans that are connected to the mb. The controllers are called "Pwm1" "Pwm2" and "Pwm3".
I can control 1 of the fans on the side (connected to Sys_Fan1) and i want to control the other one. I tryed connect the other one to both Sys_Fan2 (thats Fan3 in readings)
and PWR_Fan (and thats Fan5 in readings) but there are only three controllers. Pwm2 control the fan on the side ("software control") and both Pwm1 and Pwm3 seems
to both be something at the cpu fan cuz if i change settings with these too the cpu is the one changing.. Can someone explain to me?
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  1. The fans that aren't being controlled are probably only 2pin.

    In order to use speed fan you need 3 or 4 pin fans.
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