Graphics card freezes my PC on startup

Hello, I recently bought a new Graphics card(Nvidia GeForce GT240 1GB PCI-E)and whenever I try to turn the computer on with the new GPU in the system freezes on startup.

I get a screen saying stuff like System recovery = F11 etc. I am currently running an ATI Radeon Xpress 700 Integrated which works fine but I wanted something with a bit more power.

My Mobo is

I tried a new Power supply going from a 300w to a 580w to see if that was the problem but I still get the same Issue on startup. It's outputting that image but freezes. Like windows won't start at all. When I take it out the system works fine on the integrated s the new PSU works fine.

I've tried disabling the integrated one first in display manager then turning it off and changing BIOS Graphics proirity to PCI-E then saving, turning it off then removing power cables etc. putting new card in and reassembling everything and turn it on and that's where it freezes, If i take it out without changing anything It works fine just running a low res version and still works when i re enable the integrated one.

I have tried everything I know of and I really want this GPU to work. If there really is no alternative can someone suggest what to do with the new Nvidia card and suggest a suitable replacement.

I can put up the dxdiag results if you need me too.
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  1. try this: uninstall your ATI integrated graphic driver and then run driver sweeper in safe mode (to clean any left over your ATI graphic driver). shut down your system and reinsert your new gpu. try to boot up your pc. if you can successfully enter the windows then install nvidia driver. (you can get the latest one directly from nvidia site)
  2. I'll give it a try :) What if it doesn't work and the ATI one is uninstalled will I still be able to get onto the comp ?

  3. Even if renz496's solution doesn't work, you can go back to the integrated GPU.
  4. Nope doesn't work :( still get the same freeze on startup.
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