HTPC/Torrent/Gaming build, please comment


I wanted some feedback on how the build should progress from the drawing board :)

Approximate Purchase Date: within the next 30 days

Budget Range: 35,000 taka ~45,000 taka about $650

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, surfing the internet, Watching movies @ 1080p on a Phillips 46" LED TV

Parts Not Required: I'll have a Tt toughpower 600W PSU to work with and a Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 250GB Sata drive optical drive is also being recycled form another build...but will getting a new one of i need one :).

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Parts Preferences: ECS H67H2-M, Intel , AMD , MSI, Gigabyte, Asus (i'd want to keep the board size to mATX with a good host of features :sol: )

Overclocking: No~Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1080p

Additional Comments: Low power, will be 'ON' theoretically 24/7, a dedicated GPU will be needed, one that can give me medium settings for old and new titles @ 1080p

Parts chosen:

Mobo : ECS H67H2-M Black Series
CPU: Can't decide on which LGA 1155 cpu to take
Ram: 2~4GB DDR3 Ram @ 1066MHz cos the mnobo doesnt support OC'ing to 1333MHz or beyond (not needed IMO)
HDD: 1x2TB WD Caviar Green HDD
Case: Its from Transnet and can accomodate a watercooling loop into it :) in case I'd want to run a loop in the future
Keyboard/mouse: A4 techs wireless combo and it has a 15m range
Gaming peripherals: Xbox360 controller for PC
PSU - 450W comes with the case

Criticism allowed :D :sol: Thanks guys (and gals)
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  1. What video card fits in your budget?
  2. Well i was thinking of getting an xfx 5670 passive cooled edition or something a lil' higher like a 6850/6870.For now run the rig with the iGPU before dropping some cash into the dedicated GPU so the CPU is yet to be decided...cos on the HTPC I wouldn't be gaming on it to the max. I have a separate rig for that and an xbox 360 to game I'm pretty much covered on that side. But the titles I would love to play on the 46" LED TV would be PES 2010 (and above), Winning11 (and above) FIFA 2010 (and above).

    Will I get into a bottleneck issue with an i3 (if i choose to go 5670/6850/6870) ? if not then which one takes home the prize to get into the mobo? :)

    FYI - I wont need a tv tuner as I have the tele hooked upto cable, besides there's nothing good to watch on it either :S
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    Wait for a couple of weeks for the AMD Llano/Bulldozer CPUs, they will have strong integrated GPUs.
  4. erm well AMD's aren't that popular here now that intel is swooping everyone off their feets. Bringing them will just mean a more expensive build cos of monopolized traders. I won't be doing heavy multitasking, just have a few programs running in background and maybe play the tiles mentioned above.

    I've finalized my build:

    ECS H67H2-M black series mobo ---------Tk 8800.00
    Core i3-2100 ---------Tk 9800.00
    4GB DDR3 Ram STAREX ---------Tk 3200.00
    2TB WD Caviar Green --------Tk 11500.00
    Transnet watercooling capable case -------Tk 4500.00

    Tk 37,800.00

    but can't choose which way to go with these additional hardware-

    Logitech K800

    logitech dinovo mini
  5. errm do you really need 2 tb? i mean 500 gb probally the max that way you can get a better processor maybe like an i5, or better ram. 2 tb is not needed at all. ***** and you dont say your graphics card. if you want to play medium graphics get a gt 240
    watercooling capable case is not needed if you are not overclocking. you wont even need a case, probally just a wood box. lol. yeh. it is bad if your hardrive is the most expensive. you probally could just use the old one, therefore allowing for a way better cpu or gpu or mobo or ram.
  6. thebeast,
    Please do not advocate software piracy.
  7. Post edited, thebeast. Advocating piracy or sharing links to illegal software is prohibited on Tom's.
  8. okay, now - i did some thinking and dropped the 2TB for a 1TB. I won't be getting a discrete GPU until I'm running games on the rigg - which'll be a while. That leaves me with 5,000Tk to add on any other hardware - CPU choice upgrade?

    but i'm thinking of swapping out my 5770 into this ECS rig and maybe pick up a GTX 580 down the road...for Rig 2 of-course (in member config)

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