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Gts 250 1gb sli vs single gtx 560 ti

hello friends

gts 250 1gb sli vs single gtx 560 ti which is better.
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    ofcourse GTX560ti
  2. GTX560 will be faster. GTS250 in SLI is a bit faster than GTX285. GTX285 is around GTX460 1GB performance
  3. Personally I went from two 9800gt in sli to a single gtx 460 1gb. The gains were not as great but the overhead is certainly gone. In games that only use one gpu any way will see great gains while others there will be a small margin depending on the title and drivers. The GTX560 will be able to reach much higher clocks so that can easily turn a small margin into great gains there as well so enjoy your new card.
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