Round 1000$ system

gpu: sapphire-radeon-hd-6790

mb: msi am3 amd790fx ddr3 sata glan fw

harddrives: samsung spinpoint 1tb 32mb 3.5 inch
ocz ssd 40gb 2.5 inch

cpu: AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2Ghz

dvd: lg dvd-rw 22x black bare bulk sata

RAM: g-skill NQ performance ddr3 1600mhz 2x 2gb

computer case: coolermaster elite 310 orange and black

cpu cooling (do i need cooler?) artic cooler freezer 13

wonder just which volt on the psu i should have on the setup

hopefully i'll gets some advice on this
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  1. ^ From where are you buying the parts?? Budget ?
  2. gkay09 said:
    ^ From where are you buying the parts?? Budget ?

    No I was just wondering what psu i should buy, and does the gpu support the motherboard and do i need the fan on the cpu?
  3. The 955 is actually a better buy than the 840 as both are similarly priced...

    Mobo - Are you going to buy the 790FX board ? You should know that there are newer board available and most probably by June, AMD will launch the next-gen boards and CPUs,...

    Graphics card - The HD 6850/ the 6870 would be better options,...

    CASE - Check out the NZXT Gamma, it would cost similar and offer better airflow

    PSU - For a single card setup like the above, get a 500-550W PSU from Antec/Corsair/ Seasonic/ Silverstone/ OCZ/ CM Real power or Silent PRO series,...

    CPU Cooler - If overclocking, then get an aftermarket CPU cooler,... Cooler Master Hyper 212+ would be a very good option,...
  4. for 1000$ budget u should be able to get a i5 and 6950 based system easily.
    which would out perform this build by a large margin and last u a lot longer.
    Heres what it would look like,2893.html
    How fixed are u on this build?
    If its for gaming SSDs dont help gaming performance.
  5. it's just that the components for a custom pc are alot expensive in Finland, i dont know why it just is, and i chose the amd cuz its cheaper
  6. Well Okay. Go with the 955BE then and a 880 based mobo.(AM3+)
    I 'd also get a better Case a haf 912 / antec 300 / rosewill challenger. Cheap cases with good air flow.
    For a CPU cooler Skythe Mugen 2 Rev B. (also called SCMG 2100 I believe can some one confirm this?)
    If this rig is for gaming u should definitely get a better GPU. a 5850 / 6850 would be a good starting point. Personally I 'd get a 6950 2GB.
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