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Okay here are the specs for the PC im making. Its a first timer so i'd like your help. Post your comments on what i should upgrade on or what i should make better. I've got a budget of around £800 but i can go over if its not by too much. The PC is designed primarily for gaming:

I know theres a 2500K and its not right for my chipset but i don't want to overclock its just that there aren't any normal 2500's cheaper. :bounce:
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  1. ^ Will you be using more than 1 graphic card ??
  2. Nope just the one
  3. ^ Drop down to i5 2400, it would suffice and if no overclock ,then you wont need that aftermarket cooler, then stock cooling would suffice as the Sandy Bridge CPUs are 32NM so dont run that hot,...
    Rest are fine,...
  4. cool, anyone else?
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