Problem with Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus Gigabyte Motherboard

Hello all,

I have just built a PC using a new Gigabyte G41MT-S2 motherboard and installed my old copy of Windows XP SP2 on it. It went too easy so I expected something. I found that after installing the provided VIA audio drivers that, although I got speaker sound, the mic did not work. I also got a list of four identical yellow question mark warnings in Device manager under Other Devices with this description 'Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus'. Windows update did not find any drivers.

I am assuming these four audio devices with missing drivers are integrated into the motherboard and one of them controls the microphone input.

So I wanted to ask if anyone knows how I might go about removing these four warning marks (and hopefully getting the mic working). So far I have tried Installing KB888111WXPSP2 and then the latest VIA audio driver with no joy. Gigabyte support web site recommends installing the Microsoft UAA bus driver then the VIA Audio driver but again I get the same problem.

Running out of sensible ideas. Although in the past the not so sensible ones seem to fix these issues. I am hoping some has either?
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  1. You could try rolling back to the 8200 driver: and seeing if that will do the trick.
  2. Great idea, I will try it in a few hours. Thanks.
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