Hi everyone! It's good that forum is available for the use of router.

Here are my questions;

-Is it possible to make my Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW) shareable for more than one computer using a router?
-If so, I still have a follow-up question in relation to that. I bought a router, a Wireless-N type, but the problem is, it doesn't have USB port to where I can plug my SBW. Is there an available adaptor so I can plug my SBW into the router? If so, what brand and where can I buy it?

At first, I planned to subscribe in PLDT MyDSL that's why I bought this router. But for some personal reason, me and my daughter switched plans from PLDT to SBW. We have two computers at home and I just want to maximize the use of these. Also, I bought this router for P1,200 and I don;t want my money to go into waste.

I really need advise with regards to my queries. Kindly give me advise.

Thank you everyone! God bless.

Rikk Landingin
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