GPU load 100% in games???

So I had problems with my XFX 9800GT and now I found with EVGA Precesion that when I am in game my GPU load is 100% and I cause game to freeze. I dont know why this happening and wasnt even overclocking it. Can anyone help my to solve this or at leas say what is wrong and why!?
Graphic card works fine it self only in games having lags, wasnt before.

Intel Pentium 4 3.20ghz
2GB ram
Windows 7 x86
temps are 55-60 IDLE
64-80 in GAMES on extra settings
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  1. Could the freezing be a problem with a single core P4 bottlenecking the graphics card? I would feel that for games a graphics card would work at 100% load while spitting out as many FPS as it could. I could be wrong, but I think the card working at 100% load is not the problem.
  2. You really want the GPU running at 100%, you also want the CPU running at 100%, that means that you are getting all the performance that your system can give you which is a good thing, do you really not want to use 10% of the GPU that you paid for?

    My bet would be on the P4 and the 2GB of ram slowing things down, if a background process needs to kick in for a second and your memory is already full it will have to pause, dump stuff to the hard drive, load the process, execute it, unload the stuff from the hard drive back onto the ram, then continue. Everytime the system has to go to page files on the hard drive it takes a pretty significant performance hit.
  3. Try turning "vsync" to "always on". What this does is once the fps reach the monitor refresh, usually 60 hz with lcd's and 85 or 75 hz with crt's.
    This should give the cpu a bit of a break, you don't want the cpu running at 100%, because it will cause the system to run slowly, at 100% load even things like the mouse driver will run too slow.
    Try running at 2x aa, 4x af. set the mip map level to med-low in the video card settings.
  4. vsync limits the fps to the monitor refresh.
  5. Thx for your responses but nothing helped. I say it clearly, when I dont run any 3d applications everything is ok but when I start game I can't play cuz its freezes right away and unfreesez when I minimize it form ALT+TAB.During freeze GPU load is 100% then (when minimize) it goes down to 30-40% then when open it again freeze. It used to work fine about 2-3 months when I was playing Crysis 2 on mid settings I got game crash and then it started to happens.
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