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OK... so I am returning to the world of ATI!!! I have always been a fan of ATI but when the nVidia 7950 GX2 card came out I was impressed with the performance and the "new" concept of having two 512MB cards in a single slot for a full GB card... which was a major deal back the :o . Well, fast forward to modern times in 2011 and there have been some amazing stuff developed... so I am now going back to ATI and looking forward to eyefinity :pt1cable:

Because my PC was built around the 7950 GX2 I can't really take advantage of the super crazy cards that are out because of my motherboard and processor, blah blah blah... normally I like to try and buy the best out at the time I drop the cash but this time it wasn't going to happen :fou: so I ordered a Radeon HD 5770 card today... well the MSI R5770 Hawk to be more specific (best test results out of all the HD 5770 I read about). I am really looking forward to it but here is my silly... and I DO MEAN SILLY QUESTIONS for the community.

1.) Going from a nVidia 7950 GX2 (two 512MB cards in a single slot = fake 1 GB card) to the MSI R5770 Hawk (Radeon HD 5770 true 1GB Card)... will I really see a difference in performance?

***** I know there is a super amazing difference in Directx 11 so thought will be cool as will the new tech like eyefinity but I am talking just RAW PROCESSING POWER

2.) And this one is more important since I already ordered the damn thing... lol I am a plug n' play type of guy and understand just enough about this stuff to mess around and get myself in trouble... so... What is the best (and by best I mean the SIMPLIEST) way to make this switch. I have read a lot about using driver cleaners and rebooting into safe mode and running it again and again and making tweaks in the BIOS and in specific files... :cry: to be honest most of these reads made me think twice about making the switch but I am sure there is a simple... easy... FOOL PROOF way to make sure I do what I should to not have any driver conflicts or have a card running slower then it should.

So, If you know what your doing and want to help out I would really like to hear from you on these two questions. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon... VERY SOON... since it is going to be here in two days :bounce:
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  1. I'm surprised that you aren't going for the 'fake' 4GB 6990 card.
  2. You should see a significant improvement in performance - the 5770 is four levels higher on the THG hierarchy chart:\

    You can find step by step instructions for installing an upgrade video card at:

    If you plan to use 3 monitors, I can understand the advantage of going with ATI. Otherwise I would stick with nVidia for the benefits of CUDA and PHysX - which I think will be more fully implemented by developers in the future.
  3. When you get the card run driver sweeper
    and clean everything nvidia then install the new one.

    The 5770 is much faster in everything.
  4. Thanks guys... I feel alittle better now.

    Rockyjohn... this is what I thought it should be like to replace the card but with everyone screaming about driver sweepers and tweaks to specific files it made me uneasy. Thanks again for the help
  5. That's a nice card. I have had 2 5770's in crossfire now for about a year and I can usually max settings at 1920x1080 in most games. You should be able to overclock that a bit too; nice cooler.
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