Win7 kills MS-7104 (PM8M-V)

This mobo with 2.8GHZ P4, 2GB of PC3200, and AwardBIOS 6.00 runs WinXP with all updates just fine, up and stable for months on end, and *should* be able to run Win7 32-bit. But something in Win7 -- no BSOD, no "Windows is shutting down," just suddenly power off. It has happened once late in the initial install, several times during major update installs (.NET the most frequent villain), and once when the system was just sitting there.

I've tried the obvious: all BIOS settings to default... onboard VGA instead of ATI Radeon X800 (AGP)... swapping power supply... even installing Win7 to a single EIDE HDD instead of the usual SATA RAID stripe pair. All drivers (VIA chipset, Realtek, Intel LAN chip) are as up to date as they get, although admittedly that tends to be 2005 or so :-(

Yes, I know it's a very old mobo and I could replace it for less than the value of the time I've put in so far. But curiosity still nags me: Have you encountered such a "sudden death" OS/HW interaction, and have you any last suggestions before I give up?
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  1. It just may not be compatible with WIndows 7 thats all. I wouldnt put much more thought in it than that.
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