Should I buy a GTX 460 GPU with these specs?

Just wondering if I should upgrade my GPU from a GTS 250 to a GTX 460 and if I would see a good increase in fps for gaming.

My system spec:
Processor: AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core 2.2GHz
Memory: DDR3 4GB, but xp only registers around 3GB
DirectX Version 9.0c
Power Supply: 550W

I would like to get better fps in games, but should I look at a better MB/CPU or even upgrading my OS to Windows 7. Not sure if I will have a bottle-neck going to the GTX 460.

Thanks everyone
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  1. You are missing your screen resolution. So far, though, it looks like you might be okay with a higher resolution, particularly since the GTX 460 is not much more expensive than a lower performing card.
  2. It would not be a major upgrade - up only one or two levels on the THG hiearchy chart (depending on whether the 768MB or 1 GB version); they recommend at least three for an upgrade.,2879-7.html

    However, if you get the right frame rate increase in the right games, it might be worth it to you personally. What games do you play? What resolution monitor?

    You can find information about video card reviews at:
  3. My screen res is normally 1680 by 1050.

    My GTS 250 has been doing great for gaming, but would like to be able to turn on more video options and get more FPS. I've read that going to a GTX 460 I might not see that much of a gain for the money, but if I do get at least a 25% increase or more then I believe it would be worth the money spent.

    Thanks, Matto17secs
  4. Hi rockyjohn. I play the totalwar games. Just got Shogun 2 total war and it plays good, but would love to get the graphics a little higher. I'm looking at the 1GB GTX 460.
  5. Not enough of an improvement IMHO.
  6. I think you guys might be right. I should wait and get the next level card, since it's not much of an improvement for the price. my GTS 250 has 1GB and came OC as well.

    I might work on getting up to windows 7 and get a MB/CPU combo upgrade as well then go from there.

    Thanks everyone!
  7. About a 47% improvement for the MSI GTX 460 Hawk.

  8. It looks like the increase is more than I was thinking. I also ran the THG charts with the GTS 250 and both GTX 460s which pretty much confirm the same thing.,2492.html?prod%5B4533%5D=on&prod%5B4515%5D=on&prod%5B4511%5D=on

    I still think the 768MB version still represents the greatest value - particularly with the rebates now available that price it about $30 less for almost the same performance. Here is the THG review covering both versions:,2684.html
  9. either way i think he will not see the improvement the relative performance chart shows. In that test they would have been using a very high end CPU so there would be no bottleneck there. For his 2.2ghz phenom there would be a significant cpu bottleneck. Before a vid card upgrade, with your system, your list of things to do sould be:
    1. get windows 7 install 64 bit edition to gain your full 4gb ram and dx11 ( at the moment your not even using the DX10 your video card is capable of)
    2. Look into overclocking your CPU to 3ghz, or upgrade to a newer phenom x4 955
    3. Now your set to get a gtx460 and not be totally bottlenecked and be able to use its dx11 features.
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