Do I have a bad motherboard?

I have the following problem:
Sometimes while working my screen goes blank (like if it was on but not connected to computer), I thought that it was the monitor or the graphics card but while on this state I cannot remotely connect to the computer and it does not respond to a ping, however the power supply is on, the internal fans are on, etc. How can I tell if it is the motherboard? or can it be the power supply failing to give power to the motherboard?
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  1. By saying you cannot remotely connect to the computer, do are you deducing that it is not just a problem with the monitor?

    Does this only happen when you're using a certain application? Like something that is overworking it? Or can it happen even in idle state, or low resource usage?

    What mobo/cpu/gpu/psu do you have?

    My first inclination is that it is some kind of conflict and its crashing, but usually you get a BSOD or the screen just're getting a blank screen which is weird. Like your GPU stops working.
  2. The motherboard is a gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H with a Phenom II processor, I can connect to the computer remotely via remote desktop, when this is happening I can't connect and it is not on the network because it does not respond to the ping command. The windows logs don't have any information about the crash, it can happen at any time while running anything, sometimes it happens once a week sometimes twice on one day.
    When this happens nothing is shown on the screen, the fans and lights on the computer are on. thanks for the help.
  3. What are your temps?
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