Difficulty finding Video card for old Dell 3100.

Hi everyone,

I have a samsung EX2220X LED HD monitor hooked up to an old Dell DV051 aka Dell dimension 3100 with the integrated Intel 82915G/910GL chipset. After updating drivers for both the monitor and integrated graphics chip, I have come to the realization that the highest resolution this integrated Intel chip will display is 1440X900.

So i started looking into buying a graphics card, I did a lot of research but the problem is with most of the information i found recommended video cards that are no longer on sale as they are several years old. The cheapest video card i found at best buy was this http://www.bestbuy.com/site/EVGA+-+GeForce+6200+512MB+DDR2+PCI+Graphics+Card/1734043.p?id=1218286818302&skuId=1734043

Only problem is it says it needs a power supply wattage of at least 300W. The power supply on this machine is rated at 230W. Will this still work? I really don't want to upgrade the power supply to go along with it, I don't care about game or graphics performance, I just want to be able to display my monitors native resolution which is 1920X1080. Is it possible this card will still work with an inadequate power supply? Does any one have any other recommendations for a cheap PCI card? My budget is $50 or less. I know best buy isn't the best place for parts, but I have a gift card there i was trying to use.

I read that there was a way to display the monitors native resolution by changing some codes, but it looked too complicated to do, unless someone has an easier guide on how to.

Also, this computer has 1 PCI-e x1 slot, and 2 PCI slots, and no PCI-e x16 slots, so whichever is the cheapest card to find that fits those options would be good.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
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  1. I also found another card at best buy which is a PCI express 2.0 compatible, I think this is the same thing as PCI express. I'll have to check on the power supply requirement, but is this the type of thing I should be looking for? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/MSI+-+ATI+Radeon+HD+4350+512MB+DDR2+PCI+Express+2.0+Graphics+Card/1539705.p?id=1218267758528&skuId=1539705
  2. Startech offers a PCIe-x16-to-PCIe-x1 adapter that will allow the use of a modest PCIe-x16 card like a 6450 in the 3100's PCIe-x1 slot.

    That's a lot cheaper than buying the special PCIe-x1 version of the 6450.
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