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Okay i am seeing lines horizontally on my monitor. The monitor is a LG flatron W2361V, which is run with HDMI to DVI to video card. I currently have an ATI 4870 with the most recent drivers available. I can run games just fine also can run FurMark just fine. Not sure if video card, monitor( which is only a year old), or motherboard is going bad. Also i am getting a blue screen due to ATI.

Thank you for any help possible.
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  1. Try another monitor. If the issue remains then your monitor is ok. If you have another video card, swap it and see what happens. Try another video cable. Lastly, swap mobo as that is a pain in the ass.
  2. okay i use my tv to check and is still doing the same thing. i guess i am going to go by another cable to check that. I dont have a spare video card or motherboard so those will be my last options to buy
  3. Okay now i replaced my video cable and thats a no go. so im guessing its either my motherboard or video card, but im doubtful its my video card. Yall tell me plz
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