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Okay, so I'm new, as you can see in my profile. I have a few questions that Ive been trying to work out on my computer... So i built one not to long ago. has an

e6500 duo oc'd at 3.0 Ghz
9800gt 1gb
8gb 1066mhz ram
and an msi g41m-e43 board

I originally had 2gb of ram and 32 bit windows 7, and crysis ran alright for me, around 30fps and lowest maybe 15. (sorry for bringing up crysis...) Okay now i have 64 bit with my 8gb of ram. When i play crysis, my 9800gt is staying at 40 Celsius but is at 98% when i play, but im getting about 5fps...

I know it can handle more. It runs about 8fps on medium. When i ran on 32 bit i could run everything on very high and at 1024 res. Now its very slow in games. I think it might be cpu bottlenecking my graphics card, but why would it bottleneck it in 64 bit but run fine 32 bit? And the temperatures do not make sense to me at all, how it can be running at full and the temperature stay idle.. Also my cpu goes back and fourth between core 1 and 2 being maxed at about 100%. Thats what makes me think its bottlenecking, but still doesnt explain why it ran fine on 32 bit.

Please give me some answers, and help me understand this some more. Ive looked into many different reasons but never found a solution to it. Also im running the latest nvidia drivers for 9800gt. Thanks:)

Ps i love coming here to read things! So i thought id make an account after awhile and ask some questions. I'm looking to go into IT and going to be taking schooling next year. Built my first computer when i was 13, and i love doing it. So thats just a bit of background :P
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  1. Your GPU is the bottleneck.
  2. Explain more. Your saying that the 9800gt is to slow for the cpu?.
  3. I just installed the drivers again, idk why i thought of this, cuz it sounds stupid, but i have drivers installed twice it shows now, and i just got 45 fps average in gpu benchmark and 32 fps in cpu benchmark.
  4. Alright now another question, which probably wont get answered. But when i play a game (high graphics game) and i close the game, like im finished playing it, and i go back into the game or any other game, the fps is way down. I have to restart the computer to play at a good fps.
  5. It would appear that your system does not like the 64bit OS or its drivers.
  6. yeah go for the 32 bit win 7 install, you do not need 8 gb of ram, nor will anything over 4 really help you in gaming, for the most part though the gtx 460 is a little weak for crysis although Im sure you can set it up to be "playable"
  7. For the 8gb of Ram, i do very heavy photo and video editing, and it makes a huge improvment over it. My computer isnt just all gaming. And i have a 9800 gt, not a 460 gtx. Mousemonkey, what would you consider then if it isnt liking the os or driver? I know crysis can be ran on 64 bit, hence the 64 bit version of the game. and as said before i have the latest frivers from nvidia, that are 64 bit drivers.
  8. ^right on well I didn't know all that 8 gigs makes sense for video editing :) and either way you cannot expect great performance from a 9800gt from crysis even more so than a gtx 460 obviously, but like mousemonkey said it is probably a driver issue, sorry I'm a little stumped myself
  9. A friend of mine has experimented with Vista 64 and found that it doesn't play as well as XP or Vista 32 and I personally use Vista 32 and a pair of 8800GT's still, and have had very few issues with Crysis other than the ones everyone else seems to have had on the snow and final level.
  10. Do you think running crysis in a 32 bit VM would work? I get fairly good performance with 9800 gt when it would run on 32 bit, around 30fps at lowest, with all at very high and about 2 or 3 settings to high or medium. Maybe ill try a later driver version

    Heres an example of my problem tho, i just ran MSI Kombuster, got 130 average. i closed kombuster, then started it again and i got 15 fps. Is that a memory leak or something?
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