Asus P8H61-M LE Bsod's...

Hi Guys!!!

Im getting Occassional Bsod's today i got one Bsod's tat specifies "System_Service_Exception" and last month it was caused by Ntfs.sys i checked my Harddisk for Bad Sectors and S.M.A.R.T errors nouthing found, then i tested my Memory Corsair DDR3 1x4Gb 1333Mhz " via MemTestx86 no errors found and stressed my Gpu and Cpu no Bsod's tat time, one thing i found on Asus Website is tat My Memory is Not Listed in Asus QVL list, so wat to do plz help me guys.. :(
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  1. I would run a System File Verification scan first.

    Click on start, and type cmd in the search box. Right click on the result and click run as administrator.

    type the following command in, and let me know what results.

  2. Have you downloaded some stuff or something new software which gave by friend ?
  3. This you need to know whats going wrong with your system
  4. Hi itzdanielp

    i have scanned my system SFC /SCANNOW , it shows no problems and
    "THE UNKNOWN" mate i was Installing Nero 11 at that time i got Bsod and the file was clean downloaded from
  5. If you check in Programs and features, does it show Nero in there?
  6. Remove it after use ccleaner and clean up your rigestry
  7. Yes after Restart, again installed Nero, installation went fine, This Mobo have Monthly bios updates tat's weird last Month changelog was "Improved Memory Compatibilty and Improved system stability" and this month bios update shows" Improved system stability" Asus support is terrible:(
    "THE UNKNOWN" Cleaned the registry...

    Link to Bios Changelog
  8. Is everything fine now and why you put that link ?
  9. Its not like that they are updating bios because of giving users stablity improvement compatibility
  10. THE UNKNOWN yes mate, i gives Bsod Occassionally it was last month i got Bsod's which was related to Ntfs.sys No prblms with Harddisk, S.M.A.R.T shows no prblms and scanned for bad sectors, My doubt is some compatibility issues with Corsair memory, thankz for helping guys!!!! Bsod Related errors are very Hard to FIx :(....
  11. Use ccleaner + avast :)
  12. THE UNKNOWN said:
    Use ccleaner + avast :)

    CCleaner+ Kaspersky Is 2012 mate......
  13. vinay2008 said:
    CCleaner+ Kaspersky Is 2012 mate......

  14. Good :)
  15. I forgot one thing tat mentioned in new bios " Clear Clrtc " so finally it's done....
  16. what's that ?
  17. Clear CMOS.... :D
  18. oh i thought it was some where in bios
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