Gaming Rig Upgrade Suggestions?

I am looking at upgrading my gaming system. Anyone have some good ideas that would keep my rig going strong? I was sort of thinking in the <$500 range....

System Specs

Corsair Obsidian case
Nvidia GeForce BFG GTX 285
Intel i7 CPU 930
Gigabyte GA EX58 UD5 Motherboard
6GB Corsair RAM
1 Tb Caviar Black
Win7 64 bit
Samsung Sync Master 2493HM Monitor

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  1. Yes, wait for another 4-6 months and buy a new video card when Nvidia and AMD release their new products. Until then, don't upgrade anything, not enough difference in performance in games, at list i would not upgrade. Games should still run fine on that PC.

    An improvement would be to buy a CPU cooler and overclock your CPU.

    If you really want to upgrade and go Nvidia way 1 GTX580 or if you want better performance buy 2 GTX560ti and put them in SLI. That should be around 500$.

    AMD way, 2x 6950 will hurt everything with a single GPU, even gtx560ti in SLI. But it's not Nvidia(in case you prefer that company).
  2. Any more suggestions?
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