GA-G31M-S2L empty space for HD in BIOS

I'm going to flip out. I have currently 1 sata HD installed with that motherboard. I wanted to add another drive, and the damn thing is not seeing it! Ok, it does see it somewhat as an empty space, but when I choose the empty space and choose to scan for drives it just stays there with the message and it's stuck untill I restart computer.
I tried 3 different 320GB WD hardrives, all with same results whether on same sata port or different, be it together or with other drives! Drives are 100% good because I have no problem accessing them on another computer. So what the hell is going on! Grrrr
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  1. Have you formated the other HDD's? If so what file format did you use?
  2. you can go to disk management to check if you can see your new HDD.
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