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Heavy Problems


I just got my new mainboard as my old one was making alot of trouble, but now I got the real deal of trouble.

First the PC needed like 20 tries to even start up with the old OS, then it gave me about 30 error messages of all varieties of kinds and pretty much all of my programs weren't working anymore, neither after 3 further boots.

Okay so I told myself just reinstall your windows, well after about 2 hours of messing with the pc that didn't want to load the setup, i got to "windows is loading files" which i am stuck in for 6 hours now, the line is moving, but about 1 inch per 3 hours, and it would probably take 2 days to just finish loading the files and I'm pretty sure after that I would just get an error message.

So what can I do? I checked my ram with memtest86 1 week ago, so that shouldn't be it, nor the windows disk, i switched the Rom and the HDD to different SATA connections, no effect.

I cleared the CMOS, no effect.

I'm really desperate right now, I just want to reinstall windows but something is going so horrible, behind every imagination wrong that I can't even explain it.

I hope someone in here still knows what my problem may be and what the solution might be.

/Edit forgot to post my specs

Intel i5 2500k
8gb DDR 1333mhz Corsair
Western Digital 750 GB HD
Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P
BD-Rom (Sata)
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  1. It might be your drivers not recognizing the new motherboard.
  2. Just so you know, when I got into the old OS and clicked away all those error messages, I installed the mainboard drivers from the CD, and after that all the trouble really started, kept going w/e.
  3. What is the current hardware that you are trying to make work, what was the motherboard that went bad, which os are you trying to install/repair and 32 bit or 64 bit.
  4. suteck said:
    What is the current hardware that you are trying to make work, what was the motherboard that went bad, which os are you trying to install/repair and 32 bit or 64 bit.

    Old Mainboard: ASRock z68 Extreme3 Gen3

    Old AND new Windows: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    Didn't change anything but the mainboard, the old one made my PC Crash and Freeze all the time, and after 2 Threads here in this forum everyone seemed to be sure it has to be the mainboard, and hey, I had no crashes with the new mainboard yet, allthough I never really was in windows for a longer time ;)
  5. Removed all but one of my 2gb Ram bars and tried it again, no effect, again stuck in Windows is loading files, and everything takes ages, the bootup screen stays for ages, the loading os and the following boot from cd/dvd takes ages and then i get stuck.
  6. Why don't u do a clean install?

    Don't u want to have top performance?
  7. What is a "clean install"?

    I don't know a different way to install windows than inserting the disc and following the setup o.O

    If you mean to remove everything thats on the hd, well thats what I want to do, but if you read what i posted above I don't get to the point where I can select that stuff, i get stuck in Windows is loading files...
  8. OK, I thought u just connected the old HDD with the old windows on it to the new system.

    Clean install is HDD erase and brand new install.
  9. nikorr said:
    OK, I thought u just connected the old HDD with the old windows on it to the new system.

    Clean install is HDD erase and brand new install.

    Well I did connected the new mainboard into the old system including the old hdd, but I want to reinstall the complete os as a clean install, yet I get stuck before I get to the actual setup.
  10. Can u get in the safe mode?
  11. How are u connected? HDMI on the mobo?

    Can u get in the BIOS?
  12. Uhm, my monitor is connected via DVI to my GPU (The asus, not the onboard one)

    Yes I can get into bios, after a while I can even get into the old OS but i get 20+ error messages saying that all programs stopped working and a few other windows error codes and whatnot.

    Only problem is that the windows setup is not working and I cant do a system swipe, but at the same time, using the old OS is not an option either as nothing is working and I keep getting spammed with error messages and the only program left working is spotify lol, and even that one is broken every second boot.
  13. OK so what happened when u select to boot from the CD/DVD first?

    Don't use the GPU card, use the iGPU after u enable it in the BIOS.

    Try that.
  14. Also unplug all the other HDD's if u have any. Leave only the system HDD.
  15. I only have that one HD

    Why should I use the internal GPU? The gpu never made any troubles and do you really think that the gpu could cause the setup to make problems?

    I might try to put my windows from the cd on a usb stick and try to install it from there, worth a shot innit?
  16. I thought u already tried to install.
  17. Mate, no offence but you really have to read my posts more carefully you keep misunderstanding what im saying.

    DRAMATIC change of events, I can now not get into the old OS anymore, as when i log in, my explorer now is one of the programs that is not working anymore and just keeps crashing/restarting every second, I can still get into safe mode without any error messages yet, I then tried to uninstall some of the drivers of the old mainboard but it tells me that the windows installation manager is not correclty installed (oh the irony).

    So now I can neither reformat my pc (delete everything and reinstall windows) nor can I enter the old OS.
  18. I understand what are u saying.

    Why don't u pop in the disc or USB and and your problem with clean install?

    Why are u talking about the old system???

    Do u need to salvage any data from there? If no, erase and install.
  19. I now got 2 error messages, one if from the program spotify so that has nothing to do with my system, the other one is from "runonce.exe", I will just post the error code here:

    "Die Anweisung in 0x7258f23f verweist auf Speicher 0xffffff85. Der Vorgang read konnte nicht im Speicher durchgeführt werden."

    I'm sorry that the message is in german but I'm from Austria and the language of the OS when I installed it in January was german >.<
  20. Ok, for the last time

    I can still access the old installed OS as I !!! CAN NOT !!! install windows again as I get stuck before I get to the actual setup of windows.


    Nor can I get into the old system do actually do anything as my mouse and keyboard stop working after a few minutes and till then the explorer just keeps crashing and restarting every second so the only thing I can do is click away all the error messages I get when I boot into the old OS, which takes like 5 reboots to actually not get stuck somewhere inbetween the booting.
  21. Sry for me beeing mad but my pc kept crashing for the last 4 months and now that I got my new mainboard nothing works at all and I sit here, and watch my ******* money flying out the window for nothing, I could just aswell burn it.

    So I hope you understand why I'm incredibly mad and desperate at the same time.
  22. Its hard to help u, if I don't know what u doing.

    Did u read my last post before this one?

    What are u trying to accomplish? The more detail, the better : )
  23. I want to do a clean-install of windows, but I can't as I get stuck in "Windows is loading files..."

    Well I would be happy if the old OS was working atleast but it doesn't.

    I got all my data from the HD so I WANT to erase it all and reinstall windows, but it just doesn't work.
  24. OK, what are u using? The Original DVD or USB?
  25. When it get stuck in "Windows is loading files...", how long are u waiting, before u stop it?
  26. I had it running from 1 PM to 7 PM and it moved like 2-3 Inches, maybe a bit less.
  27. What is the PSU and RAM model?
  28. Erm, Its a Corsair 1333MHZ DDR3 Ram

    4 modules @ 2 GB

    says something like XMS3 on them

    PSU = Coolermaster GX Lite 700W


    RAM = Corsair CM3X2G1333C9 1.50V vers.2.1 09220109

    1333 MHZ
    2048 MB

    Thats whats standing on the back of the modules.
  29. Were u able to erase the HDD with DVD?
  30. Did u try memtest?

    After that, put the mt400.exe file on your USB stick.

    Boot from the USB, and run "mt400.exe"
  31. I don't get to the option where I can choose between erase everything or just use the old files, I get stuck in "Windows is loading files..."
  32. Did memtest and it said everything is alright
  33. OK, can u run only 2 sticks of the RAM?

    But, can u create the bootable W7 install USB?

    Windows 7 Clean Install + Screens[/url
  34. Even with memtest OK, the RAM sometimes is fail.
  35. think it might be a bad power supply sending flaky voltages to the ram, mobo, and HDD?
  36. I'm doing memtest again now
  37. Its defo not the PSU as I tried 2 different PSU's.
  38. When I helped some people and we solved the issue, it was the RAM or PSU in most cases.

    W7 install is more sensitive than any other windows before.

    That is why I thought to remove the GPU and use the iGPU instead, as it would use much les power and it could finish the install.

    If u could swap the PSU with another, that would help.

    Sometimes just helps to use the USB for the install media and it works too.

    Could be a few different things.
  39. I already tried it with only 1 and 2 bars of the ram in it, no change.
  40. Waddap said:
    I already tried it with only 1 and 2 bars of the ram in it, no change.

    And those 2 sticks, did u had it in the 2nd and 4th slot from the CPU?
  41. I can't copy the files from the win7 dvd to my hd or my usb stick, it tells me a few files can't get copied due to an unexpected error.
  42. I tried 1&3 and 2&4
  43. Its done this way.

    OK, install from the USB pen drive.
    U need this tool – use USB2 port only! Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool
    How to @ Windows Easy Transfer
  44. Which SATA port is your HDD?

    Is it set to AHCI mode?
  45. 1) I switched the SATA ports - no change
    2) What is ahci mode?
    3) I need an iso file to put in that program for the usb thingy, how do i get that? my alcohol is just turning it into an mds :S
  46. 3) I need an iso file to put in that program for the usb thingy, how do i get that? my alcohol is just turning it into an mds
    For Memtest?
  47. No im already running memtest since 40 minutes, should be finished soon.

    I need an iso file of my windows for that usb tool
  48. Win 7 take advantage of this and u can see it in Integrated Peripherals in the BIOS.

    Configures the SATA controllers to AHCI mode. Advanced Host Controller Interface
    (AHCI) is an interface specification that allows the storage driver to enable advanced
    Serial ATA features such as Native Command Queuing and hot plug.
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