Intel CPU and Motherboard combo help requested

I am thinking of switching to Intel from my low end AMD CPU. I would like some help on choosing a good CPU/mobo combo to fit my gaming needs. I have two Radeon 6850's that I would like to have run with the set up as well. So what I need help with the most is deciding what Intel CPU and Motherboard would go well with the Crossfired graphics cards. Keep in mind that I am not shooting for the most high end gear here, I am mostly just trying to get the most out of my graphics cards at a good price. I am also kind of preparing for Battlefield 3 and such. I am sorry if this seems a little rushed, I am writing this minutes before I have to leave for work :P. Your help is much appreciated.
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  1. Do you plan on overclocking?

    What's your budget for mobo/cpu?
  2. Its very hard to recommend any other Intel chip over their i5-2500k at the moment.
  3. ASUS P8P67-M PRO
    if not OC'ing
  4. I was looking to only spend about $350. I don't plan on doing any extreme overclocking., if any.
    I'm at work so it will be a little while til I can look up that gear.
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  6. It might be cheaper to just buy a new amd cpu, a 955 can handle those 6850s.

    But if you want to go intel, here's another combo.
  7. So it seems the i5 2500 is the best value. What do you guys think of the i5 2400? Is it a viable option compared to the 2500?

    Are the boards, you guys linked, what you would recommend for my set up?
    To me, the motherboard is the hardest thing to buy :( Sooooooo many mixed reviews. It's hard to feel confident, nah mean?
  8. What do you all think of ?
    Paired with a i5 2500k, of course.
  9. I ended up going with the one I linked cause I got it with a i5 2500k at Micro center for $322. They took off $40 on the mobo cause I paired with the the CPU (i think), and the CPU was only $180 but I had to drive there to pick them up. When I found out I could get that $40 off I went with the spendier one and I'm not gonna lie, I kinda liked the that it was black. Haha. Thanks for your suggestions and such. They are much appreciated.
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