Stay w/ broken x58 or upgrade?

Hi Toms,

My current system has an EVGA SLI LE X58 motherboard. Unfortunately, the board is starting to fail. 2 of the USB ports have died. Also, the board does not support 6gbps sata format and I am running a corsair GT 120gb as my main hard drive. Other than the USB ports the board seems to work, save for the fact that my corsair k90 keyboard randomly stops working and the bios tends to forget which HD is the boot HD. This board is 2 years old.

My question: Should I stay with X58 and just upgrade the board to like a Asus Sabertooth...Or should I ditch my rig and go with a x79 or 77? My current CPU is a 920 @ 3.9ghz . My budget will allow around 1000 to be spent....although, I would like to save as much as possible. The X58 seems like it's still a viable platform and I don't want to spend a ton of money if the performance increase will be minimal.

I use this rig primarily for gaming and work stuff. I game at 5760 x 1200 preferably. My videocard is a 5970 and I have 6gb corsair dominator 1600.
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  1. Hello,

    If your BIOS keeps "forgetting" what HDD is your BOOT drive, it sounds like just your CMOS battery on your motherboard is dieing.

    Have you tried replacing it? I think its something like a standard watch battery CR2032 or something like that.
  2. Yeah...It's not the entire bios. Just the HD boot sequence. Also, 2 of the USB ports are dead. 1 randomly works. I'm pretty much set on changing this board out with something new.
  3. Also, I have changed the bios battery with a known good one. No change.
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