System Auto Shutdowns in the midde of gaming

So what's going on is that my computer keep shutting down in the middle of me playing a game. ONLY when in the middle of playing Black Ops or Fable 3 or whatever game. Usually about 30 minutes in. The PC seems to run as hot as 88C so i'm assuming off the bat that it's a heat issue. However, the rig's been ok for the last 2 months. This just started in the last 2 weeks. Please help!

Almost forgot to add:

OCZ 700w PSU
i7 Sandybridge 1155.
Asus P8P67 Pro
8gb Mushkin 1333mhz DDR3 ram
TWO EVGA GTX460 1GB running SLI
1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM hdd for O/S
2TB WD Caviar 7200rpm HDD for storage
No overclocking. everything left at stock.
LG Bluray 10X BD-R drive.
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  1. It does sound like a overheating problem, maybe you hit your heat sink off a bit(screws not tight enough but not too tight) causing it imbalance contact to your cpu ora faulty heatsink, 88c is a bit high on when it not OC,
  2. think so? I also thought it'd be the PSU, so I got a tester yesterday. 1000w. It's still having shutdown issues, but at a far lesser pace. I'm thinking it may just be the temperature. am getting a new fan today. will update soon.
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