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Right now I am on the fence on a new system build. I have a good idea on the system I want but I am having a problem with deciding on the case itself. My current case is a Lian Li PC-75 case and I have been using this case for 8+ years now for 3 systems. I am a big fan of the case design and I can't seem to find successor case to this one that I like enough. I want to have similar space but in a newer and updated system. What I am looking for is a full tower case that can handle an Enhanced ATX main board and be 4 inches plus from the hard drives. Space for 4 hard drives is a must as well. I dig side windows which is also a must and also a top mounted PSU. I can't seem to decide on a replacement case.

E-sata ports
Full tower
2-4 usb ports (3.0 would be nice)
Lots of room for airflow
Capable of handling several hard drives without issue (have 5 right now in my case)
4 5.35" bays min.
Side Window
Top mounted PSU

Usb 3.0 ports

My build I am probably going with the I7. I Can't seem to decide on going with Sandy Bridge or wait for the Sandy Bridge-E, or Ivy Bridge to launch.
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    A couple with top mounted PSU: 2nd one doesn't have an E-sata but has a hot swap.
    I'm not sure why you Musts have top mounted PSUs. Almost all new cases are bottom mounted PSU now. It is easier on the PSU since it avoids the heat of the GPUs and CPU rising and allows for it to completely avoid taking air in from the case. If you can't mount it that way you can always flip the thing so it is sucking air from the case.

    My favorite case right now is the 800D. It doesn't have any E-Sata but has been updated with USB 3.0. The 2 CM cases do.
    Bottom mounted PSU:
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  3. I think I may end up with the 800G after looking at the product page on Newegg and reviews out there. I think the whole PSU mounting thing was because I am so used to a top mounted design.
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