Lenovo laptop - Suggestions please

Greetings, I am in need of a laptop. When I worked for a Chip mfg we used Thinkpads and I really loved them. Thus, I am looking at Lenovo.

This is for business, but also would like to be able to watch a DVD here or there. I am not a heavy business number cruncher. But do use Excel, OneNote, PDF writers, and such.

Not up on best screen sizes for viewing DVDs.
But would like a good screen for working on as well.
4 gb mem is OK. Not sure I really need 8gb.
Intel or AMD is fine. Mid grade chip.
250+ HD is fine. Not a data hog.
Dependent video is OK if it worked OK with DVDs. Not looking for amazing picture on a 14"+ screen.

Never owned a laptop and been 5 years since I have used one at work. Think they were the T20's and T40's then...

Might consider HP but never Dell.

Any other info or pricing codes etc. appreciated.

P.S. Have not posted here at Toms in years. But used to be a regular 10 years back for years prior. Guess they deleted my account?
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  1. ive been eyeing this one. maybe this one will suit you

  2. There's no comparison between yesterday's thinkpads and today's lenovos

    check this thread

  3. there is nothing helpful on that thread other than you saying how one company sells to others.
  4. I am looking in the $600 to $700 range. Would like the Thinkpad type as they are or were built like tanks!
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