Which card is actually better?

I am looking for a new card as battlefield 3 is coming out. I enjoy the ATI line by preference.

I am looking at a 5870 vs. 6870.

The 6870 appears cheaper, but why?

Which is really the better card in the long run?



(Yes I just like the Sapphire cards as well)
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  1. The 5870 is better, AMD made its flagship line up the 69xx series so the 5870 fits much closer to a 6950 than it does a 6870 which would be why the 6870 is cheaper. You can pick up a 5870 for $200 after MIR off of newegg which makes it a much better deal than the 6870 that it outperforms.
  2. Yep.

    ATI/AMD slightly changed the way it's cards are "named". The HD 68xx series is supposed to replace the HD 57xx series, not the HD 58xx.
  3. So what's a 5870 compared to a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2GB?
  4. The GTX 560 wins in some cases, but in most cases the 5870 performs better, especially as more GPU power is needed.
  5. So in the end I'd be safe with either the 5870 or the GTX 560?
  6. 5870 2gb is the better choice if you can find them at the same pricepoint. It draws a few watts more power but gives a bit of a boost in performance.
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