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Ok, i recently built an AMD PhII 555BE system. Im running a 990fx Saber and a 9900 Zalman 120mm HSF. My temps are still at 41*c idle, and i cannot figure out how to turn up my HSF speed. OC'd to 3.9GHz, but still needs tweaking. I need to run Prime95, but am afraid with such high idle temps! Can anyone help with how to make my temps go down? HSF was way too expensive to perform like this imo ($58). As of now, i am running at an 18 multiplier and 216 FSB (3.888GHz to be exact), knocking my mem down to a 1400 speed range. I realize im new to OC'ing, but this just doesn't seem right. Arctic Silver MX-2 was used.
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  1. SmartQ was enabled in BIOS, system now running at 23c in windows. OC'd my cpu to 4.33GHz (1.428v).
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    Well according to amd the 555 max temps are 70C.
    So i'm guessing those temps are good if the load
    temp is only hitting up to 60C.
    Maybe your case poor airflow , hot air can cause that
    Why you don't test in midle oc, I think for to know you must test it step by step, from 3.6 test, 3.8 test .
    Try use Intel burn test for quick time. Maybe 15 minutes
  3. case is a CoolerMaster HafX. No probs with air flow now, and my temps are great! a simple configuration mistake fixed and now i have another "air conditioner" for my apartment! Joke*
    I need a new PSU as mine shorted yesterday, so when i get that replaced, i will run my Prime95 and see how stable it is at its present 4.33GHz OC.
  4. Yeah .. you can try it good luck bro
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