2 keyboards and mice, same system, different monitors

Hey all,
I have my tower, 20" monitor, keyboard and mouse in one room.... I have a 51" HDTV in another room (directly on the other side of the wall as the system), I am running an HDMI cable from the tower through the wall to the HDTV... All I have to do is change from monitor 1 (20") to monitor 2 (51") and i'm good to go.

But, I have no mouse or keyboard in the HDTV room. Can I add an additional mouse and keyboard into the tower and have all of them work, so when i change over to monitor 2, i can pickup in the other room right where i left off?

If not, what else can I do?

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  1. I've never tried 2 keybds but 2 mice definitely work (wired or wireless)
    my HTPC has a wired mouse and keybd and the wireless all in one sits next to the couch the lenovo n5901.

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