Difference between EVGA GTX 570 OC'd?

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    The first one is external exhaust, the second one blows exhaust air around inside the case. If you have good airflow inside your case, the second one will probably be slightly quieter and a little cooler for overclocking, although your case temperatures will be slightly higher. The external exhaust one is the reference model vapor chamber heatsink and it is also excellent. Either one is a great choice, it all depends on how good your case airflow is, and how much overclocking you want to do.
  2. Thanks. Man, nothing is simple when trying to build a rig is it? There's always a decision to be made. I thought picking the model, brand, and over-clocking was the end of the decision-making process!
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  4. If everything else in your rig is as good as an EVGA GTX 570 Superclock, then you'll be well off.
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