Two GTX 460's or 450's or One GTI550

First I am just putting this together and so far I have got everything except my Motherboard and GPU.

Here is what i have.

I-5 2600K
Corsair TX 650 PSU
Antec 300
8 GB Gskill Ram
120gb SSD
I am buying a new 22" to 24" Monitor also.
P67 board or if this keeps dragging out I may wait on the new X68 motherboards.

I am trying to decide if I go with the GTX 460 1 GB now will I have a big enough PSU to run two GTX 460's in SLI in the future ? I added all of the wattage up and it seems like I would be at the bare minimum for two 460 1gb cards. I plan to overclock the CPU and would like to be able to overclock the GPU's also.

or should I just save up for one of the new 560 TI cards?

or go with with the GTS 450 and just plan on having to buy the second card for sure?

My next question is which GTX 460 card should I buy? I am more interested in the card running quieter and of course pulling less power from the PSU than gaining just a few percent of performance.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
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  1. if you are not going to sli right now and want too later, the 560ti would be a lot more future proof compared to the other cards.
    the 4xx series is kinda at a weird stage and i can see them phasing out those cards here soon.

    also may i suggest you possibly waiting for the new z68 poards to come out? when those you come out you can downgrade the ssd to like a 40-64gb version and do the ssd caching. it will give you a huge boost in read/write times with the storage capacity of 1tb.
  2. Your PSU will not be able to handle 2 GTX 460's.

    I suggest you buy a MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozer and overclock it, this card has unbelievably good overclocking power and the custom cooler keeps the card 20% cooler. This would beat two GTS 450's anytime.
  3. ^it will, there was a thread a week ago or smth and it was said that it was possible, don't get 450s they are .. well "bad cards", 2 460s will kick out the 560, but it's more future-proof, cooler and quieter so, i recomend MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II
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