Wireless printer "kills" wireless internet connection

Dear all,

I am trying to make my wireless network accept both my printer and my laptop. The printer is a Brother MFC (Multi-Function Center)-6490CW. My laptop is a Dell Studio 1747, running Windows 7. It is connected to the internet through a Arris modem and a D-Link wireless router.

I have managed to get the printer connected to the network, and to print something from my laptop. Unfortunately, as soon as the printer connects to the network, my laptop loses its internet connection - it says I'm still connected, but I'm unable to access any websites. If I try to "diagnose the problem", I'm told I need to reset my modem, which I have tried several times. If I turn the printer off, I'm able to access the internet again.

I've tried rebooting the laptop several times, as well as resetting the modem and router. I've also tried to deactivate the McAfee firewall, which didn't seem to help.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to fix the problem, it would be much appreciated!
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  1. If a device is kicking you off, than it is dealing with DHCP.
    One thing I can think of is static IP address. More than Likely place your Printer on a static IP address. This can be for either lan or wifi. However the printer only needs one static address inside of your router.

    More than likely the device is kicking you off. As well, to test test plug the laptop, printer, and pc using lan and checking if they both can print. If that good and you need your printer to communicate to the router wireless, create a static ip address for it inside your router.
  2. How do I go about doing what you have suggested? I am not experienced with network problems. This is a home network with a Suddenlink modem and a cisco router. I seem to remember installing the network printer on the router. My first inclination is that I didn't need to do that, did I? But how do I fix this? How do i fix an IP address? Thank you, Karen P
  3. It sounds like your printer, and your laptop are both trying to occupy the same IP address. Typically this happens when one device is configured with a manually entered IP address, but the address is not blocked out of an IP reservation in DHCP. Following your owners manual / users guide, configure both your printer and your PC to obtain an IP address, and DNS automatically using DHCP. Then reboot both devices.
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