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I'm getting up to 72 degrees Celsius. Idk why. I have a nice zalman hsf, what can I do?

I'll so be getting an i5 2500k cpu so, just fyi.
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    Factors that may affect your CPU temperature in this way include;
    1. High ambient temperature
    2. Incomplete seating of the CPU cooler
    3. Lack of thermal compound / uneven distribution
    4. Lack of case-side airflow

    Check to make sure that the CPU fan is physically spinning. Confirm that the BIOS is set to cool the fan according to your configuration. Some mainboards default to a low, manual speed setting.
  2. My room is kept 78degrees F
    CPU hsf is seated properly
    I put the past on a year ago, the right way.
    Case has like 43million fans all spinning well.
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  4. Do I detect a micky take here? Mixing temperature units and the inability to count case fans.

    Have fun with your new i5.
  5. I live in the Us so I'm not familiar with how to convert my 78 degree F room to C. Sorry. And it was a fun exageration. The case is a nice one, with many fans, is all i'm trying to portray.

    I will just purchase a new Hsf and reapply the thermal paste.
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