Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS...No Signal?

Ok, so recently a friend gave me a Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB, but when I plugged it in via a DVI-D cable it doesn't work. Just gives me a "No Signal" on screen. I have another card, a Radeon HD 4550 that works with this cable. Is there any other reason why the card doesn't work, other than it being dead?
Im running it off an Emachines ET1161-07 stock minus an Orion 485W psu. I've also heard about the +12v rails needing to be 25A+? As my psu has two +12v rail(+12v1=16A,+12v2=17A), is this good enough?
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  1. Have you tried connecting it via other means? Such as a VGA cable, or using a DVI-I cable?
  2. the psu should be ok, im running the same card on a psu that has 1x 15a and 1x 14a rail and my card is heavily overclocked. the card has 2 x dvi ports, try the other one. also make sure you have the extra power connector plugged into the card.
  3. Dead card is the most likely problem; try it in another PC to verify.
  4. Unfortunately I have no other pc's that I could test it on, anybody know if best buy would try it?

    Well, i got the card working by using a DVI to VGA adapter...but now I get a bunch of random things that happen to the screen (lines, BIOS looks all screwy) and my computer won't even go past windows logo without BSOD! Umm...time to bake?
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