Hey guys i built a computer around october 2010. Its composed of Phenom ii x4 955, PNY 6 gb ddr3 ram, Diablotek 500w psu, ati 5750 sapphire edtion, Msi 785gm-e51 motherboard, and an lg dvd drive. Well when i initially built my system i had 8gb of ram and a 2gb stick was faulty causing fairly frequent bsod. Once i fixed that problem i continued to have bsod, but this time the screen is the same everytime, if i can catch a pic of it i'll post it. It doesnt happen all that often and i have no idea whats causing it, but i dont think its software because i reinstalled windows twice since then and it still continues. I'm starting to believe its due to me buying a cheap psu, my graphics card reccomended a 500w psu and i stumbled upon this cheap diablotek. What do you guys think the error is because it doesnt happen often and i cant tell whether it happens when i'm using intensive apps because to me it seems totally random. The last time it happened was when i was installing a cotta cod 4 rip yesterday. Alright if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated.
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  1. btw everything is running stock i havent performed any overclocking
  2. It seems to be either the PSU or the RAM. Try running Memtest on it to see if it is stable. If your memory is fine, most likely it is your PSU.
  3. Im surprised that psu has not blown yet I would look on getting a good name 650watt for your rig cuz your system and card is pulling too much power and as the power to the ram is more passive so that can be a miss leading memory problem...Bottom line Im thinkin you need better power. thats what happened when I popped in my 5770 with my old a couple bsod's and the codes were sayinmemory them my psu blew got a 750watt and not a problem yet
  4. alright i tested my ram a while back so i dont think thats it, but do i really need 650w cuz they're a bit pricey and i'm a bit tight right now although i can spend it if necessary. Oh btw thanks for the help
  5. Oh one more thing what are some good name power supplies havent done too much research on them so i dont know any "good name brands" other than corsair
  6. corsair you cant go wrom with but there are also good brads such as atx,antec, cool master,and spi just to name a couple....but in my experience brand is all good and stuff but its what the psu really has in it weather its dual tripple or quad+12v.....all different price ranges...In any system I have and will build I personally over do it for the psu....because you can never really go wrong with a good strong psu behind your rig that way when you have any sort of problems you can do some simple power checks and rule out that fancy psu you invested in.

    ps...I did not list all good name brand up here just the ones that I have used.....and the availability of some brands might be better where you live...hope that helps!
  7. thanks a ton really helped me out a lot, gonna order one asap
  8. Well soccerstriker95 Im glad we could help and you can help us out if you pick a best answer

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