Worth getting a new motherboard for overclocking?

First time asking here, so please excuse me if I am doing anything wrong.

So I have the P8P67-M Motherboard (not the REV 3.0 one)


and have had some slowdowns in a few graphic-heavy games recently, specifically Crysis 2, and was planning to overclock my CPU a tad.

Well overclock controls in this mobo's BIOS are almost non-existant. So I was wondering if I'd save more in the long run by getting a better mobo, as opposed to upgrading my CPU? Does anyone have any recommendations on a motherboard?

System Spec is:

Geforce GTX 570
i5 Intel 2500k 3.3ghz
NZXT Phantom case
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware.
    You will get a much better performance increase putting your GPU in SLI (another GTX 5xx) than simply OCing your CPU or replacing the mobo - gaming is more graphics intensive than CPU intensive. Check your mobo manual though to make sure SLI is supported before buying another GPU if you decide to do that.
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