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I have done everything I can think off.
All I want to do is stream media from my computer to my cellphone when I am away. I asked what would be the best solution on another forum they said the best storage server was FreeNas. Okay so now I have FreeNas, been playing and setting up the configuration to the best of my ability. My port for ftp is open, I have a dyndns account, but I still have no outside access. Now I understand it want stream, I cannot just click on the file and it loads without saving it, but the ability just to save to my phone and access my PC through my phone would be great. As well, if we get this working, I would have to know how to create certificates. My only security is on the fact the outside world cannot ping to my machine.

Any help on this would be greatful
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  1. is your phone using FTP to stream video?

    Can you use an FTP client from a regular PC and get the file?
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