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Hi All I have an EVGA Geforce 8800 and everytime I play a game no matter what game it over heats I have had the temp get to 115c before the video card crashes and my system needs rebooted. I thought maybe it was fans never had this problem with the video card before though. I put a small about 120mm fan outside the case to blow in cool air which worked for a while then it started again I now have a medium size fan about 1 foot in Diameter outside the case blowing in air and it still overheats. I am at a loss I tried running atitool to test it no errors but still overheating tried using Video Card stability test to check it no errors but same problem I think my video card is bad but not sure any advice would be welcomed.
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  1. have you try cleaning your heatsink?
  2. That card is likely out of warranty at this point, so you could try opening it up and cleaning it. If you dont want to clean your existing heatsink you could buy an aftermarket cooler for it.
  3. If you get to the point ware you want a new cooler than I recommend the Zalman vf900. It is not a very large cooler unlike most these days that take up half the case it seams but instead it very easy to install and maintain. I got a 8800gt with my gtx 460 right now and the best thing you can do is to keep that cooler clean. Remove the cooler and clean the old crappy stock compound up right away and replace it with arctic silver 5 or any thing better. Then either use compressed air or the old lungs blow into the cooler at the exhaust end to push the dust out towards the fan. A lot of fluff should come out. Lift up on the face plate a little bit and blow some more and a little more dust will come out. Take a brush like a horse hair basting brush or a standard paint brush to clean the fan then clean the dust of the card. Once done get a thin piece of plastic and dab a small drop of compound and spread it around evenly over the gpu till you have a nice fine layer of compound. Reinstall the cooler and your temps should be a lot lower and will get lower over time for a while as the compound sets in.
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