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Hello, I have an old ASROCK 775 dualvsta and I am looking to replace the CPU. A new PC is not in the budget but want to speed it up. Currently only have a P4. I flashed it with the pctreiber Bios 3.19a. The site says it "Add support for E-0/R-0 Wolfdale CPU (Pentium DualCore E6300/E7600 supported!)" Does this mean any e series wolfdale core or just 6300/7600. I found a good deal on a 5700 and 6600.
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  1. try to stay with the one that are on the list
  2. yes it, supported.
  3. According to the CPU support list the 65nm Conroe based Core2Duo line is the best CPU that board will support. I would look around for an E6600, I had one for a few years. Great chip in it's time. Really any of the Core2Duo line will be a huge upgrade from a Pentium 4.

    I would not try the newer Pentium dual core 45nm Wolfdale based chips. That board has a Via chipset and I doubt the newer chips would work. You will also have a hard time overclocking with the Via chipset.
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