Will a usb adapter work in reverse for a ps2?

I'm trying to get four controllers to play at once in a Slim model PS2 and multi-taps (from several manufacturers) refuse to work even though both ports function fine. I was wondering that instead of using it on a computer, could a USB adapter for the PS2 be used in reverse to allow 4 players?
Basic specs are:
-Slim PS2 (American) 1 year old
-Old/new style PS2 controllers (Gigaware and Sony)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been trying for weeks now.
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  1. there are other/better forums for playstation 2 than tom's. here when people read "ps2" they think "PS/2" not playstation 2.

    regardless, i know that there were adapters that convert PS2 controller port to USB, it's purpose was to use a PS2 controller on PC, but i doubt it could be used on a PS2's USB port. if you want to plug in more than one controller you have use a multi-tap, that's the point of it.
    also, the fat PS2 and slim PS2 use different multi-tap adapters. AFAIK the multi-tap for a fat PS2 will not work on a slim PS2.
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