Wireless is slow on one computer but faster on another

I'm currently trying to help my friend out with his wireless. We have the same EXACT wireless card, but this computer has a much slower internet connection. (about 75 kbp/s)

I'm running Windows7, he has Windows XP.

I'm currently trying to isolate the problem, but I can't figure out what it is.
Viruses? O.S. drivers? Newer vs Older computer?

Any help/suggestions are highly appreciated!

EDIT: My computer just got disconnected from his internet.
We had JUST replaced the router.....twice. ISP is Verizon.
The internet came back about 15 seconds later.
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  1. jaguarmatt said:
    I'm currently trying to help my friend out with his wireless. We have the same EXACT wireless card, but this computer has a much slower internet connection. (about 75 kbp/s)

    You may both like to take speed tests at - preferably testing through the same server. DSL speed will vary from street to street in the same town or his router may be further from his PC than yours.
  2. You guys have the same provider or using the same home network. Both of those are big factors, more then the wireless card itself.
  3. I took my computer to his house and I made sure they were lined up exactly the same way. (took his computer off of the desk to put mine where it was sitting)

    His SpeedTest results are kinda weird. He has about .7mbp/s until it hits half way, it jumps all the way up to 12mbp/s. Does the same exact thing every time no matter what server he's using.

  4. That would seem to imply some sort of throttling that clears itself after a while. You may have the same wireless adapter but are they configured exactly the same? Is someone else in his house using his network? Perhaps changing his security could prevent someone outside his house using it. If someone is getting illegal downloads using a torrent, it would explain a thing or two.
  5. We set a security password and we were the only ones using the internet. (Not at the same time.)

    It seems that the internet is extremely fast when we replace the router but soon slows.
    The first time we got the router the internet was 2mbp/s. Now it's about 1/4 of that lol

    When we replaced the router a second time it wasn't as fast, but still faster than it is now.
    Using Netgear devices. (Netgear Modem/Router, Wireless-G-USB Netgear 2.4 ghz internet adapters)
  6. Hi, go into your connection properties, choose ipv4 and make sure the IP address and DNS addresses are set to be obtained automatically...hope this helps
  7. I found a solution for my set up here. I had good speed on the laptop in the lounge, but very slow download on my other computer here in my home office. I use windows 7 on my office PC and windows vista on the laptop, but that was nothing to do with it.

    I also connect to the router via homeplug powerline rather than wireless.

    I noticed I had plugged in my charger for the ipad and it was that that was causing the problem!

    The charger I was using is a pretty simple device and it causes high frequency signals that interfere with the local homeplug device broadband signal.

    I removed the charger for the ipad/camera/phone (which was in the same electrical socket as the homeplug ethernet) and I'm back to 8.6MB downloads! Hurrah. Hope that helps someone.

    You can get a free gift if this helped you at - I use that on my YouTube videos.
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