What Minimum Power Supply do I need?

What's the minimum power supply I need? I have seen places I'd be fine with a 900W PSU. Time to ask you guys!
-Oc'd i7 2600k (aftermarket heatsink)
-4 case fans
-2 Asus GTX 580s
-Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z motherboard
-2 1.5 TB 7200 RPM Hard drives
-16 GB of DDR3 1600
-Possibly a RAID controller
-DVD/CD Burner

I won't be benchmarking this thing 24/7 or anything.. just probably about 2 hours a day of extreme gaming.
So my question to you guys is, will an Antec Gaming Series 900W psu power my system?
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    Yes the Antec High Current Gamer HCG-900 would be a good choice for your build with some headroom, so hopefully the fan won't have to spin loudly.

    I'd say that 850W is an absolute minimum, so anything over that will mean that your PSU should have to work less hard.
  2. Corsair AX850. It can jump upto 1000W when necessary.
  3. Use the PSU power requirement calculator at the link below to accurately determine a proper sized PSU for your needs.
  4. According to Anandtech, GTX 580 in SLI draws 777w in Furmark :ouch: I would go with something 850w minimum closer to 1000w ideally. That way you have extra juice to add more fans,overclock, hard drives, and the PSU won't be working too hard while gaming.
  5. 008Rohit said:
    Corsair AX850. It can jump upto 1000W when necessary.

    If Corsair meant it to be used as a 1000W PSU then they would have put '1000W' somewhere on the label.
  6. The Corsair AX850 is based off the Seasonic X series which is heavily overspec'd compared to the actual power it can give off. IIRC, the original X850 can put up over 1000watt's and still remain in spec.

    Don't ever underestimate Seasonic products!

    But yes, a very high quality 850w will be your best choice since under normal conditions, you'll be generally using around 500-600watts.
  7. All of these answers were very helpful, thanks guys! :)
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