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Ok so im a lil stumped, i revently came home to find both of our computers ridled with virus' one being Aluroen plus many other nasty ones(When people come over to house sit tell them to stay off the facebook farms and zoos and all that stuff!!) but staight to the point we had to format the HDD's and reinstall windows not a big deal, however now its not seeing my LAN / ethernet adapter(Built intot he ASUS P5Q SE2) and so i cannot access the internet or find a way to get these to work, any ideas? ive tried to d/l the drivers from the ASUS site the MB is no longer there.
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  1. go here:

    paste this into the top left corner: P5Q SE2 and select ALL under Select Category

    click onto P5Q SE2

    choose your OS
  2. Yep seems all the drivers there are for the PCI-E Network card none for the onboard ethernet(unless im looking in the wrong spot id assume under LAN)
  3. have you tried the driver? PCIe can also be onboard
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