Which case should I choose?

Hi everybody,

I'm planning to upgrade my system in January/Febuary and that is including my case. I currently have the Antec 200, quite good, but not realy quiet or silent. So I'm planning to buy a quiet case. After looking up reviews I came across these two onese:

Fractal Design Define R3 Silver

Antec Performance P183 V3

My priorities are:

1. Whisper silent computer, the PC will stand next to me. If the stock fans are to loud, I will replace them for Scythe Slip stream 120mm 1200rpm fans

2. Good cooling, I will have a second GTX 560 (not Ti) videocard.

3. Cable management and ease of installation.

4. Looks.

The problem is that the Fractal Design is 40 Euro's cheaper then the Antec. On the other hand, in a recent test the antec was quieter then the Fractal design. The money does play a big role, because I don't won't to invest to much.

Are there any people that know which of the two is quieter, and how much? How much quieter will the Fractal design be then the Antec 200?

Suggestions are welcome!

Greeting from Holland!
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  1. I have personal Exp with that fractal case seems very quiet to me, If you are going to game with dual gtx 560's Goodluck with it being quiet lol, If you want super quiet at load look into watercooling.
  2. both cases make no sound, so they are equaly quite. What make noises are the fans. For silent fans, check www.silenx.com

    2 case manufacturers I really like are www.bitfenix.com and www.raidmax.com
  3. I also have an other question: How well does the anti-vibration rubber work that's put on the 3,5 inch hdd bays? Can you here any vibration?
  4. If you screw the drives on all 4 screws, you will get no vibration also.
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