Thoughts on my new build ?

Greetings everyone,
Current build is 4yo + salary coming = time to build a new rig. (yay)
This might get long and have a lot of questions - only for those who feel bored.

This is my plan:

Processor = i7 2600K box - 260 eur
I can get 2600 without K 20 euros cheaper -> I guess i'll try overclocking to ~ 4.1 later, when i buy a non stock cooler. Is it a no-brainer and should I get the K version?

Motherboard = MSI S1155 P67 DDR3 SATA6 GLAN FW ATX P67S-C43 B3 - 95 eur
Should i pay an extra 8 eur for MSI MB P67 S1155 ATX/P67A-C45 B3 MSI, or are there some better(cheaper?) alternatives?

Was originally thinking of cheaping out and getting a Cooler Master Elite 310 for 35 eur. I don't usually overclock anything, and I wasn't sure whether i need something more expensive... but in the end, i thought i'd take the antec "just in case". Thoughts?

RAM = Crucial Rendition 4GB DDR3 1333 DIMM 240-PIN PC3-10600 (28 eur) or Kingston DDR3 HyperX PC-12800 1600MHz 4GB CL9 (9-9-9-27) (38 eur)
This is where I would definitely like to save some money. The way I see it, performance boost coming from noticibly more expensive higher latency better brand RAM sticks isn't worth the money -> better to just buy more cheap RAM. And still.. i am hesitating, whether to get crucial 1333mhz and save 10x2 euros (thinking of buying 1 stick now and one in a month) or go with Kingston (or 40eur for 2x2gb 1600mhz kingston)...anyone?

This is where my wallet turns empty and i wait for another month =P
I am planning to use my old components for now:
PSU = FSP BlueStorm || 500W
Actually, I would really like to avoid buying a new PSU and hope this will be enough for the new system...this costed me 60eur and has good feedback

HDD = Western Digital 320gb SATA 16mb 7200rpm
Next month i'll buy an intel 320 SSD 120gb i guess and use it as my main while this will becoming my storage drive..

Videocard = 8800gts 320mb
Just for 1 month..

And later, in a month:
SSD = INTEL 320 SATA2 SSD 120GB 2.5" MLC 25NM. - 182 eur
Guess this as much as I am willing to pay ...expensive things these are :( Any better/cheaper alternatives?

Videocard = 6850 1gb - 142 eur
Seems to be the best bang for the buck.. but i am concerned its a little bit too weak for modern+future games. Seems to be overally better than 460gtx for 138eur.

+ 1 more 4xGB of ram.

Budget Range: 750-780eur
Country of Origin: Estonia
Overclocking: Thinking .. if that will decide whether my current PSU is enough or not, then probably no OCing...
Approximate Purchase Date: next weekend
SLI or Crossfire: No .. mobo supports 1 card only anyway
Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080
Additional Comments: Not really a 100% gamer, but since i am getting something like this, would be a waste not to enjoy some new games. Quitness is also a plus.

Any comments and advices will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I knew i should have made a shorter post >.< .. come on , anyone ?
  2. I would recommend the 2500k over the 2600k, as you can save $100 dollars and put it into something else, such as the 6950 next month, rather than the 6850, as you can unlock the 6950 into a 6970. Good luck.
  3. +1 if your only gaming, 2500k and a 6950,
    dont worry so much about an ssd for now the graphics card is more important
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    I used and to help me decide with CPU and GPU..
    2600k offers 9.5k points for 260eur and 2500k offers 7k points for 178eur. 2500k is a bit better bang for the buck .. but considering i am making upgrades once every 3+ years, i'd probably prefer to stick to the 2600k beast.

    6850 offers 2840 points for 140eur while 6950 offers 3108 points for 208eur matter how I look at it isn't worth the extra 68eur

    Gaming is important too kinda.. i'll prolly be playing a couple of games like Witcher 2, Skyrim, Deus Ex. But good CPU that will last long is more important for me i guess...

    Any new videocards coming in a month? Or is the "MSI Geforce 400 series GTX 470 1280MB Twinfrozr II" for 217eur worth the extra 77eur? I liked the 6850 because it seemed to use less power too i think .. so i wouldn't have to spend money on a new PSU
  5. Benchmarks, in real life applications, are useless by and large
    THE gaming chip right now, is the 2500k, the 2600 series is more for people who do work on their pc's
  6. You could save a lot by ditching the SSD for now, but if you must have one get a 128Gb and use it primarily for your OS and some games and programs and then use the WD for your storage. I don't think you really need 320Gb if it's just for OS/programs. Just make sure to set all your programs to save to the WD drive and not the SSD.

    I'd go with a 6950 and the 2500k, only get the 2600k if you think you'll need the hyper-threading (that's really the only difference)
  7. the ssd i am getting in a month is 120gb, and i am gonna use it as my main -> old 320gb for storage...

    I'll go with the 2500k after all :) the price difference is pretty huge...
    I am tempted to get 6950 .. but is it worth it?
    1)6850 -> 139eur + low power consumption
    2)470gtx -> 192eur actually (Gigabyte Geforce 400 series GTX 470 1280MB OC (rev. 2.0))
    3)1GB 6950 -> 208eur | 2gb 6950 -> ~220eur

    6950 seems to have a much higher power consumption factor (
    I am afraid i'll have to buy a new PSU, cause my 500W FSP BlueStorm || won't be enough....
  8. Take the 2Gb version then in 18months,
    look to getting another for Crossfire if you feel you need it but I doubt you will, unless you upgrade your mobo and psu as well
  9. What about power consumption with one 6950 ...will 500W FSP BlueStorm || handle:
    1)2500k, 6950 2GB, 1 or 2x4GB ddr3, 120gb ssd, 320gb hdd - > at default clocks?
    2)2500k at ~3.8ghz, (should 6950 be overclocked?) .... ?
    Build the various systems into this to get an idea of the power requirements, bear in mind to leave some headroom, especially if your overclocking,
    I.e. it says get a 543w psu, go for a 650W
    and ofc a decent branded one, not a €20 thing thats going to fry you
  11. These calculators seem to show low power consumption..
    ~353W at def. CPU clock, ~399W at 3.8ghz
    My fsp 500w psu seems to have good feedback, costed me €60..hopefully that will be enough

    Although being the pessimist i am, i got this feeling that the 6850/6950 Wattage difference is whats gonna force me to waste some 60-70 more euros on a new 600-700W PSU :(
  12. I'd say see how your current one holds up on the new build, and if needs be, you can look to a new psu in a couple of months maybe, plus its not wasting, its investing in your rigs future, like buying your kids a decent car instead of a junkyard rescue job :P
  13. If i don't buy one, i'll save myself some 60-70eur till the next upgrade in ~3years...if i buy one, i'll prolly have to buy another in 3 years again >.<

    Hope that 6950 is worth the extra cash and risk ...
    I am all set then I guess, thank you for the help ;)
  14. No problem man, enjoy the build and post back if you run into any problems :)
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