Suggested 1920x1200 video card

I have a 1920x1200 display.

I have a core i5 processor, 8 GB Ram.

It looks like there's about 12" from the edge of my computer to the edge of the HD cage. The edge of the card wouldn't be obstructed by a HD, so maybe I could have the power connectors feed through the cage and into the side of the card.

I'm looking at upgrading my 4870 graphics card. Which works fine as I've been playing games that are like 2 years old, but I suspect it will have trouble playing newer games.

I've been considering the 560 ti, 6950 and 5870. They're all in my price range ($200-$250). I can afford pretty much anything, but I don't think I'll benefit buying more since I'm using 1 monitor when I play games. 2 when I work.

I would prefer for tesselation to work well, but I realize at present there are very few games that effectively use it. The more important consideration is FPS with high details.

Any suggestions?
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  1. I'd say the 6950 will be the overall best choice as it matches the 560Ti in performance but the 2GB memory gives it the edge at resolutions of yours or higher. While the 5870 is good for raw power, it's getting outdated now and the architecture isn't as refined as the 6950 so you may find that tessellation performance will be better etc.
  2. 6950 is better in multimonitoring and it's performance is only a bit better than a 560Ti's, 560Ti is better @ tesselation, 5870 is worst choice of all of them imo, cause the 6950 and 560Ti are better in almost anything
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